Case Studies

“ccGenie helped us break out of our email inboxes and see beyond them.

Now we can choose different views of communication streams for any of our tasks.

ccGenie worked where our other attempts failed.”


Streamline Email Conversations

Hotwire is a global full-service public relations and communications firm— ccGenie is deployed among 52 Hotwire employees across 10 countries

CHALLENGE: Search, discovery, and version control of attachments

  • Disruptive back-and-forth of non-critical or un-targeted messages
  • Adoption: Had deployed a enterprise social network with limited success

SOLUTION: Create a ccGenie Room per project and add team members

  • Simple set-up, no adoption issues—if you can send an email, you can use it
  • Could revert to email easily → no risks

BENEFITS: Rationalize email conversations, automatic archiving, and sharing

  • Easy to add or remove members and share Rooms in public or private mode
  • Spend more time collaborating on the documents—the real work

“We were sold once we saw ccGenie didn't force us to learn another tool.

Anyone who knows how to email can use it right away.

ccGenie makes it easy to collaborate on any project. Our team enjoys using it, our clients do too.”


Collaborative Curation

SoZebre is a small marketing consulting firm—ccGenie is deployed among lots of clients, subcontractors, and freelancers working on lots of projects

CHALLENGE: Email is their preferred way to collaborate with external parties

  • No easy way to store and share different types of documents, links, etc.
  • Important to keep context of email conversations connected to content

SOLUTION: Create a Room per project—add team members and  the client

  • Can add content from multiple sources—Room curates and organizes it
  • Keep email conversations in context with any easy-to-use chat-like format

BENEFITS: Reduce time needed to communicate and collaborate on content

  • Frees up more time to spend focusing on client value creation
  • Fits with the team’s established routine of using email while making it easy for all stakeholders to easily contribute content and collaborate efficiently

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